Monday, May 24, 2010

Buffalo Point Fun Run

Our family participated in the fun run this year at the Elementary School.  The kids were all excited to wear their race shirts and numbers.  Brecken of course whined from the minute we got there, but Blake convinced her to keep going.  My attempt at walking was a joke with my back so I quit about 1/2 way through and waited to take pictures of Blake and the kids.  Go figure Kaysn and Kenzie ran fast and ahead of Blake and the twins so I never got a good shot of them but it was cute to the little girls and Blake crossing the finish line. They each got medals and about half of us won prizes donated by buisnesses in Syracuse...the Wendy's Frosty's were the biggest hit!  I love living in this community where my kids have a great school and are able to participate in these types of events. 


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