Friday, May 28, 2010

Kenzie's School Projects

Kenzie and I made a cardboard box car for school. It was kind of a parent project until the very end when she got to put a bunch of piece signs and flowers on it, help put on the wheels and straps. When I dropped her off at school the next day I was concerned because I was watching parents pull out boxed 2 and 3 times as big as hers and they were extemely detailed, amazing trucks and backhoes and batmobiles. I asked her when she got home about the activities they had done and how her car worked out. She said she had the best one in her whole class. She loves it and could have cared less that it was small or simple. I will say that very few of the other childrens cars looked like they helped with anything and hers definitly had the Kenzie touch!
Kenz also brough this home last week, it's called a grass head, she water's it everyday and trims it's hair about once a week.  Pretty silly, but cute!


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