Sunday, June 13, 2010

Back Surgery....AGAIN!

After a month of horrible pain I and have Back Surgery again tomorrow morning.  It's crazy how I'm looking forward to something that is so scary to me.  But when your in this much pain you'll do anything to get relief...or stand up straight again.  It will be 6 months to the day of my first surgery which was on December 14th.  I did so good last time, until I sneezed and it herniated again.  So you can bet I will be SOOOO careful for the next year or more.  I really don't want to be doing this again.  But I am greatful for the miricles of modern medicine and that I can get relief. 

The kids know I am going in first thing in the morning and Bryn asked me a while ago if she could please have a picture of me to sleep with cause she was worried.  How could you deny that.  So I quickly took and printed out photos of me and each of the kids (Kylie was at her dads) and wrote our favorite saying on the back....I Love You to the Moon and Back, Forever and Always, NO MATTER WHAT!!! and signed the fronts love mom.  Here are the photos before I wrote on them.


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