Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back 2 School

School has begun!  I have mixed emotions this year.....no little kiddos home with me all morning.  Good thing they ease us moms into this School thing by only sending the little ones to Kindergarten for a couple hours a day.  I figured out I have had one of my little ones along home with me everyday for 3 months shy of 14 years.  I am excited for the change but sad that the preschool stage is over for us. 

Brecken has surprised us all by being very brave and leaving mom with out any problems (so far.)  Bryn wants me to take her to school everyday and I have to convince her every morning that Kaysn and Kenzie will get her safely to class.  (It also helps that Hunter Wells and Brecken are with her to.)  I love how my twins switch off who is gonna be a mommies girl and when. 
Kenzie is very excited to be back in school and to have a teacher who is brand new to the School this year.  She isn't sure how she feels about having her classroom out in a portable (yes... the third year of a brand new school and they already have 5 portables.)  I loved having a portable in third grade and have tried to convince her that she'll love it. 
Kaysn doesn't know much about his teacher but isn't to worried.....he shouldn't be.  He always does great in School.  He also lucked out this year and got a few good friends in his class.  He even sits right next to Caitlyn Surgeoner.
After sending Kylie off to Preschool for 2 years, Kindergarten and 1-7 grade, I didn't get to be there to send her off to 8th grade.  I missed seeing her excitement in the morning and getting our yearly pictures on the porch before we headed off to School.  I talked to her that afternoon and everything went well, but it is still not the same as handing her a snack and asking about every detail.  Got to let her grow up I guess....but I missed her. 


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