Saturday, September 4, 2010

Grandpa's 80th Birthday

We went up to Smithfield after Kaysns football game today for Grandpas 80th birthday party.  It was so fun to see everyone.  8 of his 10 children were thier with tons of kids and grandkids.  Grandpa looks great!!!  (See where we get our Blue eyes.)
The party was at Uncle Allens 'Castle' Reception Center.  Brynlie had so much fun running around that we couldn't even track her down for a photo.  My mom decorated with family photos and memrobilia from grandpas life.  She was really worried about how to put it all together but did a great job.  My Uncles brought their guitars to sing some old family favorites with Grandpa and the Family.  Something our family has done for years, I have many memories of sitting around the Piano and/or Guitar with the family and singing for hours.  We also played some trivia on facts about grandpas life.  It was great to mingle and see everyone. 
I saw this photo of my Grandma Ilene Elder sitting out for decoration and recognized the necklace.  I realized that it is one I was given from her jewelry box when she passed away.  I have no memories of her wearing it so it hadn't held any sentimental value for me...other than that I knew it was hers.  I am really excited now to frame a copy of this photo with the necklace.  (It is actually a pin, pinned onto a chain that day.) 


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