Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Kaysn!

Kaysn has officially hit two didget numbers......but I don't have to call him a teenager for a few more years. The big's crazy how the time flies.....I love this kid! Kaysn decided to have a family party this year and then take Brennick to a movie with him rather than having a big friend party. I took them to see Alpha and Omega a few days after his birthday, the theatre was empty except for us which made it fun...but the movie wasn't the greatest.
We headed up to Sierra and Marcs place for a BBQ in the afternoon. It was fun to see everyone and he played for an hour or more in the sand with the cousins. (see, he's still a little boy!!) Kaysn didn't want to take cake and ice cream and opted for glazed donuts instead...(seriously this kid is awesome!!! Makes my life sooo easy!)


Biesingers said...

That was fun to see you on Kaysns birthday! I miss your face! Love you!

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