Friday, October 1, 2010

Yet another great Football Season!

I just wanted to throw in a few of these football highlights from the 2010 season. Kaysn is number 41...I didn't get the best photos but here are a few of him and the team.
In this shot he has just taken down the man with the ball and is rolling over to get back up.
and another take down.....
Right in the middle of the action........... time for rest, he is headed back out onto the field for a little Defensive action.
Kaysn's own personal cheering section!
It's the last game of the season and Kaysn is about to run the ball for the first time, here he is taking the feild.....

and theres my boy running the ball!!!
and BOOM....he was so disappointed. Someone didn't block their man and he was taken down. Mabie he can try again next year.
Nasty battle scars! He took his shirt off after the game and ouch! His arm was already covered in fresh bruises. Good thing he's tough.
One last shot of the cheering section!


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