Sunday, November 28, 2010

Beautiful Smithfield Snow

I took the kids to my Mom and Bri's house in Smithfield this weekend. We took all the kids snow clothes cause I knew they would have a lot more snow than we get up in Syracuse and my kids could build a 'real' snow fort. We had a really nice visit, Carlie and Jared and their families came up to see us on Saturday afternoon and the kids all got in the Hot tub. Kenzie got to go spend the night at Jared and Ambers with Kayla, Aurie, Azalia, Destrie, Markell and Jade.....pretty awesome Aunt and Uncle huh!...they even took all the girls to see Tangled. Bryn, Breck and Kaysn loved sleeping in Grandmas living room with the Christmas tree. Sunday it snowed most the day and the kids loved playing in it. Grandpa took them all for rides in a small trailer pulled by the 4-wheeled and later took Kaysn out on the 4-wheeler to go around and scrape Grandpa Elder, Aunt Kim and some other friends driveways. It was a really nice visit and absolutly beautiful up there....driving home wasn't pretty...took me 3 1/2 hours to make it home.....but it was worth it.


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