Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving at Home

I really wanted to stay Home for Thanksgiving this year. Sometimes I just need that. The Calls and Smiths joined us for an awesome dinner. It was nice to have tons of help with decorating and dinner. The tables turned out so stinkin' cute! We don't all fit around one table so we did a seperate kids and adults table.... we stuck the kiddos downstairs, but they didn't mind at all, they hada pretty nice set up. ...Tanya made some really fun rolls that had a paper that said something to be thankful for inside. It was really fun to see what everyone got. Everyone brought food and is was all soo yummy!! After dinner we all went to the movies (the Calls and us to Tangled, and the Smiths went to Megamind....can't imagine why all of those boys didn't want to see Tangled..LOL) Then we met back up at the house for lots and lots of yummy pies!!! Ahh, what a way to end a day.
I am so THANKFUL for my beautiful home, it isn't big... but has just enough room to squeeze in all the people I love....I am THANKFUL for my family, each one of them is a vital piece of who I am, I love them dearly! I am THANKFUL for Blake, that he puts up with me and all the silly little things that probably only matter to me, doesn't complain or shake his head and just goes with it....even when it means moving furniture! I am THANKFUL for the best friends a girl could have! Life would be so boring with out them and lets face it, I need my girls! ...they listen to my drama, put up with me being a spaz, laugh with me and don't judge the fact that I have no idea what I'm doing... you know who you are and I love you!! I am THANKFUL for my Savior, he knows me and gets it and has given me the ultimate gift. I am THANKFUL for the Sunshine, which I miss dearly right now. I am THANKFUL for MT. Dew and DR. Pepper....I'll take either one, depending on my mood....but somedays!!!! I am THANKFUL for my job, that it allows me to be home with my family and afford some of lifes little luxuries. I am THANKFUL that I can walk, that I have an amazing surgeon who has helped me not once but twice....that I can run and play with my kids again and truly live life. I am THANKFUL for so many things, I have a good life and am very BLESSED.


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