Monday, January 17, 2011

Sweet's Candy Factory

We toured Sweets Candy Factory today. It was fun and very interesting to see how all the candy was made...I loved the sweet smells, one room smelled like the yummiest Chocolate, can't beat that! Their top seller is the yummy Salt Water Taffy and the second top seller are the Orange Stix.... I would have guessed Cinnimon Bears....cause thats my favorite. Did you know it taked 7 days to make a jelly bean? Who knew. The kids had a good time and at the end each got to choose candies from the gift shop.


Aubrey said...

Where is that? Looks like a lot of fun.

Sadie said...

It is in Salt lake the address is 3780 West Directors Row (1100 South)'s kinda out by Sapp Brother Truck Stop. Jen just scheduled a tour. I think it takes about 40 minutes and you can take up to 16 people. It was really fun.

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