Thursday, February 10, 2011

Girls Valentines Boxes

Brynlie, Kenzie and Brecken all needed special Valentines boxes for School.  I wanted to do something really simple because the girls and Kaysn had been home from School sick all week.  I cut thier names out of vinal on my cricut, found a few cute cut-outs in my scrapbooking stash and then had the 'brilliant' idea to let them glue conversation hearts all over....a great use for conversation hearts at our house since none of us actually like to eat them.  They had fun choosing what hearts to glue where and it was quick and easy.  Which is good since they didn't last long before heading back to lay in front of the TV.  Here's hoping they feel good enough for School come Monday!  We just bought Kaysn a fun sports mailbox...he was relieved not to have to take a box covered in hearts!


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