Monday, February 14, 2011

Heart Day

Our Valentines Table....I set the table and sat out the kids Valentines treats the night before.  I love when they get up the next morning and I can hear their excitement as they first see it in the morning.  Like they suddenly remember it's a holiday and can't believe mom put all this together with out them even knowing.  It one of those little mommy pleasures.
 My Centerpiece....I don't have many Valentines Decorations but I was able to pull a few things together for a cute Centerpiece.   My favorite are the little frosted hearts I found at Tai Pan....luv them.
 Each one had a place setting with a Valentine from Mom and Dad, Love Juice, a yummy Caramel Chocolate Pretzel, and a bag of Fun Stuff.  These are Kaysns goods....
and here's what Kylie, Kenzie, Brecken and Brynlie's looked like.....ya, ya...the only difference is the 'doggy' bag.

 I found this cute idea for Love Juice and copied it off another idea....bloggers are the best!  I really need to start bookmarking things so I can give credit.
 My heart candy dishes...cause I HEART candy!!! and not just at Valentines Day!'s a problem.
 I put together these darling kits for my kids.  They really needed new art supplies, so the totes have sketch pads, construction paper, markers, sissors, glue tape, colored pencils, crayons and a few other goodies inside. ...and thanks to the cricut they have super cute labels to.  I picked up Kylie a darling necklace holder and heart with key necklace instead.....thought she was a little old for the art supplies....I was wrong, she wanted them.  Who knew.
 I thought it would be fun to let the kids make their own little heart pizzas.  Kylie helped me stretch the dough out into heart shapes and we cut out the pepporoni with a little heart cookie cutter.  Then they assembled thier own personal pizzas. 
 and ta-dah...they turned out sooo yummy. 
 We also had Pasta Salad, a huge favorite at our house and I threw in a few of the extra heart shaped pepperoni just to be festive...they LOVED IT!
 and not just because they were drinking love juice!
My love bugs...looking a little exhausted, it's been an exciting day.  I helped out in Kaysns Class and hosted his Valentines Party and Kenzie, Brecken and Brynlie each had Class Partys and exchanged Valentines in their classes as well.  It was a BIG day.


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