Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wiggle Worms

I made a set of Wiggle Worms for Primary to help the kids choose Wiggle Songs. My girls just loved them and begged that I make them one. I only had the little fuzz balls left but they couldn't have loved them more. Even Kaysn got one.....he wasn't quite as excited though. Sunday after church, (while I took a nap) they made a 'home' for their Wiggle Worms. Kaysn and Kenzie led the way and constructed most of the 'home' letting Brynlie and Brecken help with the decorating. Some of the special features of this 'amazing worm home', are the bar and bar stools, swimming pool, bean bag chairs, bed and crib. They had so much fun being creative and working together (and got along!) I was very impressed.....sometimes the best toys are not fancy, expensive, or electronic.....I just love watching their imaginations run wild.


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